Sack Lunch Request Form

A Sack Lunch Request form is provided for teachers to order sack lunches for field trips and special events. Requests must be submitted to the Cafeteria Manager a minimum of 5 days prior to the date needed. These forms allow us to accurately claim student meals.  Please note that a list of students actually picking up a reimbursable program meal is to be provided to the cafeteria manager. 

Cafeteria Request Form

A Cafeteria Request form is provided for district personnel to request the use of cafeteria facilities for special events. REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED 21 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO DATE NEEDED TO THE BUSINESS OFFICE AND CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM OFFICE.

Supper Meals Request 

After school supper meal requests can be made for after school programs. Request must detail the enrichment activity taking place at the campus and be submitted a minimum of ONE WEEK prior to date of service in order to be honored.  Please contact campus manager for further information.


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Click here to learn more information regarding special meal accommodations and what we can do to help.  Please be advised that requests for modifications take time to process.  Contact our office if you have questions.


Catering Request Form

Click on the link for more information regarding catering services.